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    Hi, my son had his first FC at age 11months old. In the 12 months since then he had had five episodes of convulsions. The first four episodes, he had two convulsions, each about six hours apart. The fifth and most recent episode he had four convulsions within 36 hours. All episodes except one were due to a high temp (38 – 39). One episode he had vomiting and diarrhea bug which caused low blood sugar and several other children had fitted with the same bug. None of his convulsions/fits have lasted more than a couple of minutes. Developmentally he is advanced for his age. In between episodes he is well but he seems to pick up every bug going! However before he went to childminders at 9 months he was never really ill. I am thinking about buying a seizure alarm for his cot. My question is, at what point do I need to get more worried and ask for medical investigations? X



    Hi there!
    I am a mom with 18 month old daughter who has scn1a mutation and had my shares of hospital/doctor visits in the past few months because of her seizures.
    Yes, fevers, viral infections lower the seizure threshhold. I mean, why hesitate? My opinion is that it’s best you have him checked out. Have him done EEG first and consult with his pediatric neurologist about what other options are out there for him if you are not too sure about having him on the medicine. They will also work with his pediatrician to plan ways to prevent him from catching the bug or at least reduce the severity of symtoms of whatever illnesses that he’s exposed to.

    But from what you stated, I am so happy to hear that he is doing very well developmentally and his seizures resolve less than a minute. It’s those prolonged seizures that we have to really worry about.

    I feel like, your son has simple febrile seizures and will definitely get better and finally grow out of it! (sorry I am not a doctor but I’ve done my homework!!) But I think it is important (and it doesn’t hurt) to check him out first! Knowing is just so much better than not knowing.. And it will only make things better, wouldn’t you agree?

    Hope this helped! And my prayers are with you and your family..



    Thank you. That is very comforting. I am in the UK and access to medical treatment isn’t always straightforward, it very much depends on where you live. However I am going to see our GP on Monday and ask him to refer us to the Children’s Hospital, fingers crossed he agrees! I was thinking about getting a seizure monitor as I am concerned about the risk of choking, have you had any experience and if so, would you recommend I get one? Thanks again, Dominique

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