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    Forgive me for posng a seemingly naive question to this professional, medically-oriented forum.

    My son had his third seizure last week. Upon inquiring my parents in Indonesia, I learned that I had seizures too when I was a toddler. Interestingly, my parents told me that my grandmother then used a (small) red onion to stop my seizure by squashing it and put it near my nose. It appeared the strong smell of small red onion could halt (not sure to what degree) my seizure.

    I have Diastat, but my son’s pediatrician told me that it’s basically Valium. I am not keen of trying it. Hence, my interest in non-conventional method of stopping seizure.

    I would be interested in anyone having any suggestion/ knowledge in non-conventional ways of stopping seizure.

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    I love hearing about folk medicine like this! The only other thing I’ve read is that frankincense essential oil on a specific spot on the toe or on the earlobe can halt a seizure. My daughter’s seizures only last 30 seconds- 2 minutes so I never know if the drop of frankincense is stopping the seizure or if it is stopping on its own. I’m going to start keeping red onions in my kitchen though in case she has another.

    Thank you! And I’m sorry to hear about your son’s seizures. My daughter had over 15 in the past year. It was very hard, but we are going on three months without one (or a fever/illness) so I’m feeling a little better about it all. We were also prescribed diastat. We haven’t used it and don’t plan to. Luckily our daughter’s have been short and breathing is not compromised.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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