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    Hello was wondering if anyone can help my daughter since November has had 6 seizures 3 in one night on Thursday 🙁 we have now been told that she has complex febrile seizures as she also now seizures in a complete new way to her first 3 but me and my partner are so worried she’s going to suddenly get a temp and have a seizure during the night and we won’t hear it if she’s in her own cot or upstairs and we are down, so was wondering if there’s anything for her cot or the room for you to monitor them???



    Hi Vicky,

    I hear you … as parents this is our greatest fear.

    We use a BT Monitor 150 all the time at night and if our son is running any sort of temperature one of us camps out on a mattress / futon in his room. I don’t think there’s much more one can do?

    On a positive note, research suggests that no child has EVER died from a febrile seizure and one study in Denmark looked at 1.6M children so it’s not short on data!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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