How many febrile seizures is too many?

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    My 2 year old son just had his 5th febrile seizure….everyone I have talked to, doctors and other parents, have only heard about 1-2… Neurologist says just to hang in there. How many febrile seizures have other parents experienced. Is this typical?



    My daughter has had 15 in about 11 months. She had six over a one week period with the same illness. The mainstream doctors we saw also said they had never seen so many and insisted on putting her on meds. We stopped seeing them at that point and now do homeopathy and nutrition work instead.

    I worried about the same thing and found this video in a google search (which at a low point made me feel a little better). I contacted the mom and she said her son had 19 and then never had another. No meds.



    Yes, my duaghter’s neruo & pediatrician told us that it is normal to have FS after the age of one and for a few times (or less) before the age of 5 (normally kids grow out of it around the age of 5). But they said that it is more important how long the seizures last and what type of a seizure a child has..If the seizure lasts a long enough that a child shows a sign of lack of oxygen ie, lips/face turning blue, s/he needs a medical attention. I think it’s a good sign if your son’s neuro said to hang tight.. Did he ever done EEG and other tests?..
    I guess for him, it is crucial to monitor his temperatures!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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