Anybody else notice "twiches" before a seizure?

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    I’m curious, does anybody else notice twitches before a febrile seizure? Our daughter has had two seizures and both have been preceded by “twitches”, the kind that happen to you when you’re almost asleep and your arm jerks and it startles you. We aggressively treat fever with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and undressing, but we now know that if we see one of these twitches it is time to get straight in a cool bath (which she hates) or go outside if it is cool.

    These “twitches” serve as an early warning system to us. Obviously we use a thermometer as well, but sometimes her fevers spike pretty fast and her seizures have been at relatively low temperatures 102 F, so it is nice to know her warning signs.



    Hi Collin,

    Yes we are in the same position 2 febrile seizures in both which had the warning signs of twitches, the second he was admitted to hospital as he stopped breathing, however these warnings allowed us time to research what to do when the seizure happened (though at the time we only suspected it could be a warning). We are waiting an emergency ENT appointment, our little man has had chronic tonsillitis for the last 18 months and unfortunately and there is absolutely nothing that brings his temperature down, usually 40-41C medicines, stripping, bathing. I pray that if the seizures continue we receive the warning signs again, if nothing else but to make sure he is as safe as he can be. I wish you well with your daughter.



    We had twitches too also shaking before hand we were told this is the bodys way of getting rid of heat the twitches i thought were reflux in rylee as she done this as a baby knowing what i know now rylee has come close to fitting 2 or 3 times before the first fit and a few times after them



    Yes, our son twitched before each of his seizures … but he twitches quite a lot in general so we’re cautious to use that as a trigger to enter “battle stations”. This is tantamount to having the landline phone (emergency knows your address immediately then) and our anti-seizure medicine (buccal medazolam) on hand at all times …

    And having just gone through bacterial tonsillitis and some random virus in the last week we’re firmly in battle mode 🙁

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